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Marty Schottenheimer says 'life is good' away from coaching

The former Chiefs head coach is enjoying life away from coaching and the NFL.

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To the fans clamoring for Marty Schottenheimer once again in Kansas City, the former Kansas City Chiefs head coaching legend has some bad news: he's not interested.

USA Today published an interview with Schottenheimer after rumors were circulating on Friday that team owner Clark Hunt had met with Schottenheimer. In the midst of the Chiefs season at 1-7, it led to conjecture that the team might seek to employ Schottenheimer as the team's new head coach over Romeo Crennel.

Schottenheimer offered a different take for the meeting, saying that he's simply a friend of the organization.

"I stay in touch with the Hunt family," Schottenheimer told USA Today. "Of late, I've called to encourage them for whatever they're doing. They've got a lot of young players. And they're working their butts off."

When asked about whether he'd be open to return, he responded with a lack of focus on the question although he did note that he enjoys his current place in life.

"Life is good," he said. "I just feel badly because I have great affection for the Hunt family and the Kansas City Chiefs. Those were the best 10 years of my career. But I think the world of Romeo Crennel."

Still Jarrett Bell stresses in the piece that Schottenheimer said he was not interested despite the lack of a direct quote about the idea. Even if Chiefs fans were wrong, it is the sort of potential hire that would excite a fan base.