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Is this Glenn Dorsey's final season with the Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs have several decisions to make this offseason as many of the team's top players hit free agency at the same time. Dwayne Bowe is the team's best receiver and has already been the subject of trade rumors. Branden Albert is an anchor at left tackle and is in the final year of his contract. Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson have anchored the defensive line on both sides, and both need new contracts. Even punter Dustin Colquitt needs a new deal completed.

An interesting turn was taken this weekend with the announcement that Glenn Dorsey was placed on injured reserve. The move ends Dorsey's season, and it's clear that the calf injuries suffered by the former LSU player were too much to overcome this year. Now he moves into free agency after a very disappointing campaign with health concerns and questions about his long-term status with the team.

Here's what some folks are saying about Dorsey and the Chiefs:

BJ Kissel, Arrowhead Pride

No. I think he moves on to a 4/3 team. He got a raw deal switching to a 3/4 after his rookie year and he's been a decent run-blocking DE, but I think he'll move on to another team to get a fresh start somewhere.

Adam Teicher, Kansas City Star

His contract expires at the end of the season and the Chiefs are unlikely to spend a lot of money on a part-time player, so it's more likely Dorsey will move on.

Jason Madson,

Glenn Dorsey won't be back with the Chiefs in 2013. He plays a position that his production can be replaced, probably at a discount. The Chiefs will have money to spend next year with hopefully Cassel and Tyson Jackson off the books as well. Re-signing Glenn Dorsey isn't as big of a must sign as Branden Albert or a number of other free agents to be from other teams.

The fact that none of us know who the Chiefs General Manager or Head Coach will be next year is a big question mark for Dorsey as well. I know he fits into either 4 or 3 man fronts, but the last few years he's strictly been a 5 tech. Will the new regime (if there is one) run the same defense that is currently in place? Will another team that needs a 3-4 DE pay big bucks to Dorsey?

What is the point of keeping Glenn around? He does his job well enough, but he isn't a force like many that play his position. He is expendable and if he requires too pricey of a contract, hopefully the Chiefs feel the same.

Bye Glenn, it's been fun.

Bill Williamson, ESPN

The No. 5 pick of the 2008 draft is a free agent at the end of the season and there is a strong chance he will not return to Kansas City.