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Eric Berry on return to form: 'I'm very close'

The Kansas City Chiefs safety says he's inching ever closer to his impact form on the field.


The Kansas City Chiefs have endured a miserable season and are ranked among the worst teams in football at 1-7. The back end of the defense used to be a strength, but the secondary has suffered with the loss of Brandon Carr and the injury to Eric Berry last season. As Berry has come back, he's not been the same impact performer and that's something he's aware of.

However the former first round pick out of Tennessee says he's getting 'very close' to the form he had in 2010 when and Earl Thomas took the league by storm as impact freshman safeties.

"I'm very close," said Berry in a recent interview with Soren Petro. "I've been there, I just had to get that game experience back up under my belt. A lot of people don't realize when you have a knee injury, that you're away from the game for a whole year.

"You might be back there physically or mentally, but at the same time, this was like my rookie year all over again because I lost all my game experience. So right now I'm very pleased with where I'm at right now, so I'm excited to finish the season out strong."

As far as the team's performance, Berry says everyone simply has to do their part and execute the game plan in front of them.

"Just hold ourselves more accountable and just being in-tune to what's going on," said Berry in response. "And I think the guys are really focused on doing what we need to do and just helping each other out in certain situations. Right now we've got it moving in the right direction and we're going to keep working towards that."

Thus far on the season, Berry has 40 tackles and 1 interception.