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Kansas City Chiefs should not be fooled by moral victory vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Chiefs need to reject the idea that they won any moral victory against the Steelers.

Justin K. Aller

What's inevitably going to come out over the next few days from people around the team is the heart and effort the Chiefs put into their 16-13 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night. I'm sure it'll be something Romeo Crennel talks about all week long. It doesn't matter though.

These are professional athletes and the mere fact that anyone would try and rationalize this game as some kind of a moral victory is basically shouting "WE DIDN'T GET EMBARRASSED!", and to play it off as some kind of good thing is down-right pathetic. Please don't come as us like that, bro.

One thing we learned about the Kansas City Chiefs team tonight is that we weren't crazy in thinking they had the makings of a pretty good defense. Those guys stepped up in a big way. Derrick Johnson played out of his mind, Justin Houston played out of his mind and the group as a whole isn't the biggest of problems for this team. That lies with the quarterback position, and holy crap it's bad.

That's not telling anybody anything they don't already know though. Whether it was the signing of Shaun Smith, releasing of Stanford Routt, changing to Gary Gibbs as defensive coordinator, or the match-up against their former head coach in Todd Haley, this Chiefs team played with a passion we hadn't seen yet before this year.

While quarterback Ben Roethlisberger did leave the game early with an injury and was replaced by Byron Leftwich, things were still being handled while Big Ben was in the game from the Chiefs defense.

If the Chiefs defense can play the way they did against the Steelers and Jamaal Charles can break off those couple of big runs he's always so close to breaking, the Chiefs will win a few games this season. The only thing that matters is winning or losing. Trying to rationalize it could almost seem disrespectful in a way. They don't need our pity. But they do need to win some games.