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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Could Chiefs take Matt Barkley over Geno Smith?

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The Chiefs have a major decision to make with their likely high draft choice in 2013.

Stephen Dunn

The latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out from Walter Football's Charlie Campbell, and the Kansas City Chiefs are at the top. Not only this but they're also choosing a quarterback. It's a common scenario among early mocks that the Chiefs are taking their new franchise quarterback, and it's not rocket science to figure out why. The only question, it seems, is who will it be?

The Chiefs typically choose between Matt Barkley of USC and Geno Smith of West Virginia in most mock drafts, and Campbell's latest goes with Barkley for the "safer" choice.

The Chiefs are a disgrace. Kansas City needs to clean house in the front office. Scott Pioli has had years to address the quarterback position, but has failed to land a good starter or a capable backup. That has to change this offseason and Matt Barkley would be a good place to start.

West Virginia's Geno Smith has gained on Barkley, but, Barkley, for the moment, is still considered ahead of Smith by league scouts and general managers. If Barkley doesn't finish strong, Smith could easily pass him up over the next couple of months. Barkley is currently the safer choice.

That's likely the best option for the Chiefs at this stage. Smith has high upside, of course, and the comps could be akin to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III of the 2012 NFL Draft. Luck was safer while RG3 won everyone over with his potential. Looking at the early results, the safe pick is safe for a reason.

The Chiefs would do well to select either one at this stage given the results with Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn as their top options, but Barkley seems the likeliest at this stage.