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Romeo Crennel discusses Steve Breaston's fall on Chiefs' depth chart

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The veteran wide receiver has barely played for the Chiefs in 2012.


Steve Breaston was a major free agent signing for the Kansas City Chiefs just 18 months ago in the 2011 offseason when Scott Pioli added another important target at wide receiver for a team that had struggled to complement Dwayne Bowe for years.

The belief was that the addition of a veteran like Breaston partnered with a draft pick like Jon Baldwin would revitalize the KC offense and balance things out alongside running back Jamaal Charles. Breaston did his part despite the horrible year for the Chiefs with 61 catches and 785 receiving yards.

Yet in 2012, a new story is being written. Breaston was inactive for Monday's game against the Steelers, and he's only caught 6 passes on the season. Romeo Crennel took some time on Wednesday to answer questions about Breaston's lack of playing time.

Q: How has Steve Breaston gone from a pretty dependable play-making receiver to a healthy inactive?

Crennel: Steve is a good pro, he's a good teammate and he tries to do everything to help this team and I appreciate that. What's happened a little bit is that he hasn't made as many plays and so as a result of it, this past game he took the backseat so that we could get a younger player up to see what the younger player could do. It goes week-by-week in this business, so we'll see how it goes this week."

Q: Has he lost a step or is the new offense an adjustment for him?

Crennel: He's a veteran player and some young guys might have a little more quickness and a little bit more speed and if you as a coach want to take a look at that speed, you have to make a move. So I did.

Q: When a veteran player like Breaston gets to the bottom of the wide receiver order and you've got three wide receivers on the practice squad, why not just say goodbye and bring one of those guys up and find out what you've got on the practice squad?

Crennel: Well he's a good teammate and he knows every position and he can play multiple positions, so he has some versatility. Those practice squad guys, they have some ability and they have some energy and all of that, but they don't know how to play every position.