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Jamaal Charles insists he's 'fine' after concussion test

Jamaal Charles was treated for a possible concussion in addition to the stated neck injury that sidelined him in Thursday night's loss, but he says he will play next week.


Jamaal Charles' game to a premature end in the Kansas City Chiefs' 31-13 loss to the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night, but it appears as if the injury that knocked him out of the game is not too serious. Charles says he will be good to go when the Chiefs return to action next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I feel like I can still play," Charles said. "I’m fine right now. I feel good. I came off the field pretty good. I feel like I could have gone back in, but they told me to relax.

Charles took a hard hit to the shoulder and head midway through the fourth quarter and after being examined by the medical staff on the field, the running back jogged off of the field. The Chiefs said Charles was out with a neck injury at the time, but Charles said later on that he was tested for a concussion.

While it is great to hear that Charles does not have a serious injury, from a football standpoint, it almost doesn't matter who the Chiefs put in the backfield. Until they prove they can pass the ball, defenses will continue to stack the box and make it impossible for any running back to pick up yards, but it will still make Kansas City breathe a little easier knowing that at least it is their best running back in the game struggling to find running room.