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Raiders' Richard Seymour fined for hit on Chiefs' Matt Cassel

Richard Seymour drew a penalty for his late hit on Matt Cassel and now has a $15,750 fine from the NFL to go with it.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Richard Seymour and the Oakland Raiders walked out of Arrowhead Stadium with a 26-16 win on Sunday, but the defensive lineman also left with a little less cash. Seymour has been fined $15,750 by the NFL for an unnecessary late hit on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel in the contest. He was also flagged on the play.

The hit came in the waning moments of the game with the Raiders up 26-9 and the game in the bag. Cassel had already let the ball go by the time Seymour got his hands on the quarterback, but the Oakland lineman still wrapped him up and threw him to the turf. Cassel looked shaken up on the play and his offensive linemen took exception to the hit, getting in Seymour's face before the referees separated them and walked off 15 yards for the penalty.

Not that the late hit or any lingering effects on Cassel had anything to do with it, but things didn't get much better for the Chiefs on Thursday night. The Chargers handled them easily, 31-13, as the Chiefs fell to 1-7 on the year.