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NFL Picks, Week 12: AFC West predictions include Chargers over Ravens

The AFC West holds some potential surprises for NFL's Week 12.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The AFC West has been the worst division in the NFL in 2012 without question. However there's still enough talent all around to put together the occasional upset and this week holds possibilities in the NFL. Here's our rundown of AFC West picks and predictions for Week 12.

Oakland Raiders @ Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals need to sweep their AFC West portion of the schedule to remain relevant in the AFC North, so this is definitely a must-win for the 5-5 team. They looked good last week against Kansas City, and they'll dominate this game as well against an Oakland secondary that should be no match for Andy Dalton to A.J. Green. Cincy's pass defense will be tested, but the Bengals should roll over the Raiders rather easily.
Bengals 33, Raiders 10

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs have been miserable all season and there's no reason to believe this gets any better even against a rival like the Broncos. They curled up and withered against the Raiders at home, and Von Miller and company will have a field day against the Chiefs' patchwork line. This could get even uglier than it already is.
Broncos 24, Chiefs 0

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers
This game holds the greatest upset potential since the Ravens have some key injuries and the Chargers could be overlooked here. The key here is that SD's defense is 8th in the NFL, a quiet number for sure. In addition, the Chargers won this match-up by 20 just last December, so there's precedence here for a tough match-up for the Ravens. Don't be fooled by the records, the Chargers will play this one close and we predict an upset.
Chargers 13, Ravens 10