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Broncos vs. Chiefs, Week 12: Romeo Crennel made 'management mistakes'

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Romeo Crennel made a couple of "in-game management mistakes," according to Arrowhead Pride.

Jamie Squire

It was an ugly game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos on Sunday, but the Chiefs still couldn't pull out a second win of the season. Denver ended up taking a 17-9 win thanks to a solid if not spectacular performance by Peyton Manning and a stifling defensive performance. KC's offense never got it going and only ended up with three field goals to show for it by the time the game was over.

It didn't help matters that head coach Romeo Crennel made what Arrowhead Pride called "in-game management mistakes." Those mistakes included two opportunities to go for it on fourth down that were eschewed in favor of field goals, as well as a wasted timeout. It may not have mattered in the end, as Peyton Manning took over the game for the Broncos, but all three moments represented potential game changers:

On the Chiefs second possession, they faced a fourth-and-2 from the Broncos 4-yard line. Prime opportunity to go for it. The Chiefs were averaging 10 yards a play on that drive.

I keep coming back to the Manning argument: you can't settle for field goals against him.

The Chiefs settled. They took the points.

The extra four points may not have made a difference in the final score as you see it now, but getting up to a two-score advantage that early could've changed the dynamics of the game at that time. I think the Chiefs made the wrong decision here.

Kansas City will face the Carolina Panthers in its next game as it continues to look for its second win of the 2012 campaign.