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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Chiefs are unanimously the worst

While the Chiefs played the Broncos closer than most expected, it wasn't enough to get out from the No. 32 spot in NFL power rankings.

Peter Aiken

The Chiefs have had a rough season and are clearly one of the NFL's worst teams. Although the team played the Broncos close in Week 12, the Chiefs became the first team to lose 10 games and was the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs.

That, coupled with a win by the Jaguars that gave the Chiefs sole possession of the NFL's worst record, was enough to make most critics agree that the Chiefs are the NFL's worst team. Among those was SB Nation's Joel Thorman, who gave the Chiefs the last spot in his latest power rankings:

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 32, 1-10): The Chiefs' defense ranks first in pass attempts against ... because no one throws on them when they're up by three touchdowns.

Both ESPN and CBS Sports gave the Chiefs a similar ranking after the first 12 weeks. The only difference at the bottom of the three polls was the team directly ahead of the Chiefs in the No. 31 spot.

After the Jaguars earned a Week 12 victory, Thorman placed the Eagles as the NFL's second worst, while Prisco gave that honor to the Raiders. ESPN decided that the Jaguars still deserved the No. 31 though, despite the win.