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Glenn Dorsey injury update: Chiefs DE remains out indefinitely

The defensive end continues to deal with a calf issue after re-injuring himself in the game against the Chargers on Thursday night.


Glenn Dorsey has been a pillar along the defensive line since the Chiefs first selected him out of LSU with the No. 5 pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. With 62 games in the last 4 seasons, the Chiefs are used to Dorsey's presence at end in helping to stuff the run game and provide cover for the linebackers to make plays. However this season has told a different story.

Dorsey was hoping to change the story at midseason after missing the last several games with a calf injury. Unfortunately, he re-injured his calf against the Chargers on Thursday night football and will be out indefinitely. Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs head coach, was originally disappointed in the injury after the game and said as much. He clarified those emotions on Friday.

"He's a player who's been working hard to get back on the field, and then he gets back on the field and then re-injures himself. When you reinjure yourself after an initial injury, it's not as good, so I was a little disappointed about that because Glenn is a good, solid player for us and has been a good, solid player for us," said Crennel.

"I think probably, I let my disappointment show in the comments I made about him. But without having spoken to the doctors or heard from the doctors yet, we'll have to see how that plays out."

For now, the Chiefs are uncertain whether or not Dorsey wil be able to play next week, but the good news is that they have a lot of time to rest and prepare for their next opponent on Monday Night Football when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers. Crennel said Dorsey immediately sought treatments and options after the game, so he's doing what he can for now. '

"I haven't spoken with the doctors yet," said Crennel. "Glenn came in here right after the game last night and started getting his treatment. He's taken several tests today and seeing the doctors tonight, and they'll let us know what they think and we'll have to go from there."

Thus far in 2012, Dorsey has appeared in 4 games and has 7 total tackles.