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Chiefs release cornerback Stanford Routt

The Kansas City Chiefs surprised everyone with the announcement that they'd released the newly-signed cornerback just halfway into his first season.


The Kansas City Chiefs shocked many around the NFL today with the announcement that they have released Stanford Routt, cornerback for all of 8 games, and signed defensive lineman Shaun Smith. The move comes in the midst of a frustrating season for a team searching for answers.

Routt had been signed as a proactive move to help replace Brandon Carr who eventually went on to sign with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason for $50 million. The move was applauded for its cost-effectivenss and the reviews on Routt seemed positive for the first half of the season. Thus the surprise with today's announcement.

Perhaps something was going on behind the scenes that fans and media were not privy to. Then again, perhaps Routt was not the fit that he was believed to be. But a secondary that has already allowed 240 points this season -- good for fourth worst in the NFL -- just got a lot thinner.