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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Chiefs named worst team in football

The Kansas City Chiefs rank at the very bottom of CBS' power rankings in Week 10.

Stephen Dunn

If you ask Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to look very different in 2013. That's because the NFL analyst expects "heads will roll" in KC after the miserable NFL season is over. The Chiefs are ranked consistently among the worst in football, but Prisco believes they have no competition for the spot. The Chiefs are ranked No. 32 in his latest NFL Power Rankings for Week 10.

Overall Prisco writes, "This is a disaster. Heads will roll after the season, and they should." He's right on the "should" part of that statement. The team has never had a lead in 2012. The quarterback position is a nightmare. The coaching situation seems like a mess, and the roster has too many holes for a team four years into a rebuilding project.

Most recently, the team dropped cornerback Stanford Routt from the roster just 8 games after signing him to a 3-year deal, and they also promoted Gary Gibbs to Defensive Coordinator. Changes come when things aren't working and it's been that sort of year for the Chiefs.