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Five-Orite Friday: Kansas City Chiefs shuffle deck chairs on the Titanic

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You have to love relevant the Chiefs continue to stay while rocking a five game losing streak. Wait...did I say love? I guess I mean loathe.

Stephen Dunn

It really is amazing how the Kansas City Chiefs continue to stay topical in the local sports landscape while being such a terrible football. They are able to rise above the other crappy local football teams (MU and KU) and surpass the best team football team in the area (KSU) and they even bump the most successful profession sports team (Sporting Kansas City) down the Five-Orite Friday list.

1. Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Romeo Crennel announced this week that he was firing himself as defensive coordinator. This move happened about six months too late. In all honesty Romeo Crennel should not have been allowed to hold the title of both defensive coordinator and head coach from the outset. He is already a coach who failed in Cleveland while being only the head coach. What made anyone think that in his second tenure as a head coach that it would be a smart idea to have him keep being the defensive coordinator? Him holding both positions was doomed from the start and the experiment was finally blown up this week.

This move screams of one of desperation in order to prevent RAC from losing the locker room. Well, based on the games I have watched this season and the screaming match between Jonathan Baldwin and Matt Cassel last week in the middle of the huddle it is safe to assume he lost this team a long long time ago. The impact of this latest move by the Chiefs will be very slight if any. This flaws on this team are too deep and too grand that simplly having RAC spend more time in the offensive meeting is not going to cure it.

2. The Wrong Routt:

I wonder if Scott Pioli eats his crow with jelly oozing out of the side like his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Pioli had to eat a giant helping of crow this week when the Chiefs waived defensive back Stanford Routt. For those keeping track at home Stanford Routt was the free agent the Chiefs signed to replace Brandon Carr who left for bigger dollars with the Dallas Cowboys. Pioli went bargain shopping when he signed Routt and like many bargains there is a reason why they are that cheap.

This is an epic disaster of a free agent signing. You sign a player to be your starting corner back and the player ends up being so bad that you waive him ten weeks into the season. When you add Routt to Peyton Hillis, Eric Winston's displeasure with the Chiefs fans, and Brady Quinn. The 2012 free agent class signed by the Chiefs is a giant turd salad. I hear those don't taste good.

3. Deep In The Heart Of Texas:

To continue with the run of crappy things happening to our professional sports teams Sporting Kansas City was knocked out of the Eastern Conference semifinals by the Houston Dynamo this week. This is the second consecutive year that Houston has knocked Sporting out of the playoffs. I was thinking of a parallel from another sport to use when discussing how Sporting KC is unable to figure out the Dynamo and then it dawned on me.

Sporting is Peyton Manning's Colts while the Dynamo are Bill Belicheck's Patriots. The Colts were always the better regular season team but when they face the Patriots in the playoffs Peyton Manning always had difficulty getting passed them. It would appear that is the case with Sporting and the Dynamo.

The way the season ended for Sporting KC was no doubt a disappointment but this is a team that people in Kansas City should be very proud to support. Everything fans of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs hate about the ownership of those teams is what makes Sporting so great. The ownership group of Sporting KC are smart, aggressive people who above everything else they want to win a title. They set goals and do their best to back them up. Sporting was unable to paint the wall with MLS title this season but I know it was not for lack of trying. And I know they will be a similar position next season.

4. Optimus Klein:

Another week and another victory by Kansas State. Now KSU fans hope last week's win vs. Oklahoma State did not come at a steep price as Collin Klein left with game with an injury. Now, exactly what kind of injury Klein sustained is up for debate. At first it was said to be his wrist then it was a concussion now it may in fact be his wrist. I am waiting for news that somehow his leg fell off and they are working to reattach it.

Regardless of what the injury is I have a feeling that Klein will play this Saturday evening vs. TCU. Before the season I picked TCU to win this game but that was before K-State became a team of destiny. That is what this team is right now. A team destined to do something big and special. It continues this weekend when they travel down to Fort Worth to welcome TCU and former K-Stater Gary Patterson to the Big 12.

5. Round Ball:

This football season has been long and no fun at all for KU and MU fans. Thankfully for both fan bases the college basketball season gets started this weekend. For Kansas they are once again loaded with young talent and picked to win the Big 12. There is a saying when it comes to gambling that you never want to try to stop the streak.

That is how I feel about KU basketball. No matter the circumstances they always find a way to win at least a share of the Big 12 regular season title. This season will not be any different. Until I see another team win the regular season title I will continue to pick them to win it.

For the Missouri Tigers they enter their first season in the SEC picked to finish third behind defending NCAA champions Kentucky and perennial tournament team Florida. The Tigers are going to look a lot different than they did last season. Mainly because they are playing more than six and a half players. I count Steve Moore as half a player based on his extreme lack of offensive skill. All of the transfer players that Frank Haith brought in can finally play and we get to see if the on court production lives up to the practice and scrimmage hype.

One thing is for certain when it comes to the Tigers this season. As Phil Pressey goes so do the Tigers. Pressey took a giant step last season and was able to shine under Frank Haith's direction. He is an NBA player and the key to the Tigers living up to their preseason conference selection.

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