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2012 NFL power rankings: Back to league cellar for the Chiefs

With a 30-7 loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs are back at the bottom of most power rankings with three weeks left to play.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With a promising Week 14 victory against the Panthers amidst tragedy, the Chiefs jumped out of the bottom of most power rankings. However, a Week 15 blowout at the hands of the Cleveland Browns was enough to drop the 2-11 team back to the bottom spot for most.

Among those is the latest power rankings from SB Nation's Joel Thorman, who had previously ranked the Eagles below the Chiefs after Week 14:

32. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 31, 2-11): Don't feel bad, Chiefs fans. The Browns blow everyone out. Wait. What's that? Oh. They don't.

The Chiefs also dropped to the bottom spot in the power rankings from ESPN, and AFC West blogger Ashley West had a prediction to make in the comments column:

32. Kansas City Chiefs: And with the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select... (Fox)

Not everyone thinks the Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL, though, as NBC's ProFootballTalk actually ranked two teams lower than them, including the next opponent for the Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders:

30. Chiefs: If they had gotten some points when up 7-0 and on the brink of the end zone, the outcome in Cleveland could have been different.

With the schedule tiebreaker in their favor, the Chiefs are in possession of the 2013 NFL Draft's first overall selection for now. A win against the Raiders would shake it up and send either the Jaguars or Raiders to the league's cellar.