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Tyson Jackson's improvement bolsters Chiefs pass rush ability

Chiefs defense end Tyson Jackson has been more productive due to receiving more playing time late in the year.


The Kansas City Chiefs defense has struggled for most of the season, but a bright spot that has emerged later in the year is defensive end Tyson Jackson. Jackson has been getting more playing time in Kansas City's nickel package, and over his past four games has 16 tackles, three sacks and two passes defended.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs has seen the improvement in Jackson's play over the past few weeks, and attributes more playing to his success:

"Well you know, those things kind of have a life of its own. He's also getting more opportunity in our nickel scheme. Sometimes you get sacks when somebody else pushes a quarterback, forces him to step up. I'm happy for him because he works hard, he's been diligent and he's played well in somewhat of an unnoticed role. But it's been good to see him have some success in nickel."

Getting more playing time is definitely a way to get better, as is just finally getting a greater understanding of the defensive system. Gibbs alluded to Jackson finally grasping the defense as to another reason to why he has been able to turn up his game a notch over the last month.