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Bill Polian mentioned as Chiefs' next potential GM

With Kansas City's disastrous season coming to a close, the Chiefs have reportedly been linked to the former Bills and Colts GM.

Jed Jacobsohn

While the NFL coaching carousel generates much of the discussion, what happens in the front office can have as big (if not bigger) an impact on the ultimate direction of a franchise.

The Chiefs, mired in a disastrous 2-12 season that bottomed out with an ugly 15-0 loss to the Raiders last week, are one team that may be looking to clean house this offseason.

Jason LaCanfora, the NFL columnist for CBS Sports, thinks that they may go after Bill Polian, the former Bills, Panthers and Colts GM who now works for ESPN, to run their franchise:

As for those more well-known entities, several league sources expect Bill Polian to be a lead candidate in Kansas City if a regime change is made there, with he and his son Chris, the former Colts GM, able to run the franchise in a very hands-on manner, which is in line with how owner Clark Hunt traditionally delegates responsibility.

Polian has a long track record in the NFL as the architect of the Buffalo Bills mini-dynasty in the early 1990s, as well as the man who famously chose Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf in 1998.

However, he was let go after Indianapolis collapsed without Manning in the 2011 season, as many felt that the team's talent base had fallen off in recent years.