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Romeo Crennel discusses frustrations of losing season

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel knows that this year has been a difficult one and discussed the frustrations he has had this year.

Doug Pensinger

At 2-12, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel knows that this has has been a difficult season for the club and knows that it won't cut it in a performance-based buisness like the NFL.

During his press conference on Monday, Steve Wieberg asked Crennel about what has been frustrating this season. Crennel had a lengthy response, as he and the rest of the Chiefs coaching staff have tried to come up with multiple ways to fix the Chiefs' weaknesses. But as each fix was unsuccessful, trying to find the next solution has become more and more difficult. Still, Crennel knows that the best solution would be getting on the win column and carrying that confience over to the next week.

"We're in this business to win because that's how it's kind of counted, by your win-loss record. When you're not able to win, you always wonder about yourself - what do I need to do more, what haven't I done, and those kinds of things. When you try different things and you still don't win. It kind of wears on you a little bit. You know you're going to play on Sunday, so you have to put that best foot forward and try to get that win because that's the best thing that will make you feel better about yourself and about what you're trying to get done."

Crennel and the Chiefs will try to find the answers before Kansas City welcomes in No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts to Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday.