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Colts vs. Chiefs: Reggie Wayne could cause KC problems

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Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne could cause issues for the Chiefs secondary.


The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on a very different Colts team compared to last year. The Colts' success is due to rookie quarterback Andrew Luck picking up the NFL game very well for a first-year player.

It also helps that Luck has one of the better receivers in the NFL in Reggie Wayne. Chiefs defensive back Eric Berry feels that having Luck being able to throw to a receiver like Wayne is why he is having a great rookie year:

"He's a reliable receiver," Berry said. "He's very crafty. He's been in the game for a long time, so any time he (Andrew Luck) feels like any pressure is coming on him, I think Reggie Wayne does a good job of getting open and taking that pressure off of him."

"He's a rookie, but he throws the ball like he's been in the league; he's not scared to throw the ball," Eric Berry continued.

"A lot of people are on him because he trusts his arm too much, but I just think that shows a lot of confidence in what he's trying to do. He's always going to pose a threat of scoring quick and he manages the game very well."

Berry also went on to say that Wayne has great route running abilities, and he can find the holes in a defense's scheme to get open.

Wayne is a crafty veteran that picked up tips from former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and he is now passing those tips along to Luck to help him succeed. Even with Luck as his quarterback, Wayne has 97 receptions and 1,234 yards, which is good enough to be tied for second in both categories.