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Pro Bowl Rosters: Jamaal Charles deserves spot for Chiefs

Romeo Crennel hopes his star RB is recognized in spite of his team's woeful play this season.

Gregory Shamus

It's pretty hard to find a bright spot on a team that is tied for the worst record in the NFL (2-13) and has the league's worst point differential (-179) this season.

But if there is one, it's probably RB Jamaal Charles, who has bounced back from tearing his ACL in 2011 to deliver an excellent 2012 campaign: 1,476 yards and 5 TD's on an eye-popping 5.4 yards per carry.

In his weekly press conference, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel recognized that Charles' excellence could be overshadowed nationally by Kansas City's abysmal season:

Well, I'm hopeful. You know, I know that in this business when you win, teams, players get more recognition. When you lose, you don't get as much recognition. But he's been a bright spot for us and he has a chance to become a 1,500-yard rusher and they don't come along every day. And hopefully everybody else will recognize that and give him some recognition.

Even more amazing than Charles' numbers is the fact that he did it while getting virtually no help from his passing game, since defenses had little reason to worry about either Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn.

As a back who relies primarily on blazing speed, he doesn't have a long window to be a great NFL player, so hopefully Kansas City can upgrade their personnel around him before it's too late.