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Tony Dungy on Chiefs rumors: 'I will not be back in coaching'

The former Indianapolis Colts head coach turned away any hint of a rumor of his return.

Scott Halleran

The rumors have already started. The names have already been floated. The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to make some changes after the season -- perhaps many of them -- and sources are already being quoted about potential replacements for various personnel like Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel. In particular, one rumor had Tony Dungy returning to coach the team with new GM Bill Polian in a Colts reunion in KC.

Alas, that is not going to happen as much as some Chiefs fans might want it. Dungy downed the rumor via his Twitter account:

Dungy is, of course, the Super Bowl winning head coach with the Colts in 2006. It's understandable why the Chiefs or anyone would at least check on his level of interest given his career coaching record of 139-69. Still a man has to want to even coach before teams can position themselves for his services. Given Dungy's character, it's hard to see him as a man who would even comment if it wasn't going to be something you can count on.

Thus Chiefs fans will have to hope for another head coach in 2011. Dungy is not interested and he should be taken at his word. Perhaps Polian will be the new GM in Kansas City. If so, you can expect similar rumors to swirl, But at this point, it's all about connections, guessing games and hopes. And Dungy just shot a hole in every one of them.