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Dustin Colquitt enjoys record-setting season for Chiefs

Chiefs' punter Dustin Colquitt broke a team record and made the Pro Bowl in what was a very positive season for the eight-year veteran.


As a whole, the Kansas City Chiefs have not had much success this season. But for punter Dustin Colquitt, the 2012 regular season was a career-best.

With one game left to play, Colquitt has 42 punts that have landed inside the opposition's 20-yard line, which is now a Chiefs' team record. He was also named the AFC's starting punter for the Pro Bowl on Wednesday.

Colquitt spoke during Wednesday's press conference about holding Kansas City's new punting record:

"It's awesome. It's cool setting that Kansas City Chiefs record and tying an NFL record. It'll mean a lot to me, obviously once you go back and look at film and all that stuff. My dad always told me, ‘If there's anything you do in football, [be] the defensive coordinator's best friend,' so that's kind of how I've looked at it - I've always wanted to be in a good light with the defensive coordinator giving them the long field."

Additionally, Colquitt spoke about the process and his teammates that go hand-in-hand with his impressive numbers:

"It's a repetition thing, like in practice we work on it. Really, it's a funny-shaped ball so you just get lucky for the most part. You get good at it as far as it's a good hang time punt, so you can rely on it to hit one of the sides more often than a spiraling ball. Our gunners and stuff have gotten down there, our interior has protected well and gotten down there and stopped a lot balls from going into the end zone this year, so it's been awesome to see."

Along with his 42 punts inside the 20-yard line, he is averaging 46.9 yards per punt in 75 kicks this season, with a long punt of 71 yards.