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NFL Injury Report: Chiefs secondary takes hits

Brandon Flowers and Abe Elam were both hurt during Kansas City's win over Carolina.


The Kansas City Chiefs earned a very emotional win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday during the aftermath of the murder-suicide committed by linebacker Jovan Belcher, and suffered only a couple of injuries to the secondary during the win.

Brandon Flowers was the biggest name to go down for the Chiefs, straining his hamstring on a second-down passing play. Flowers tackled Carolina's Joe Adams, but remained down after the play. Eventually, he was able to leave the field under his own power but he did not return to the game. The Chiefs lost a second member of their secondary when safety Abe Elam was removed from the game with what was called a leg injury. He also did not return.

Past the two injured defensive backs, there were no serious injuries suffered by Kansas City during the 27-21 win.

Seven players missed the game for Kansas City due to various injuries.