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Chiefs reportedly leaning toward firing Scott Pioli

The Chiefs have not made any sentiments public one way or the other on the fate of their general manager.


The Kansas City Chiefs have some major decisions to make this offseason, most of which have to do with firing a certain number of people. The main question is whether or not it will reach as high as the general manager's post.

Clark Hunt has yet to make any public announcement and rumors that are swirling around the team have yet to say anything concrete one way or the other. But ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting on a number of teams today and has the Chiefs on the "leaning out" list when it comes to Pioli as general manager:

Pioli has helmed the team for four seasons with one surprise playoff run to show for it. Expectations were high in KC for this season, yet the Chiefs have the worst record in football. Romeo Crennel, the team's head coach, is undoubtedly going to be ousted after today's game against the Denver Broncos. It seems that Pioli could be packing up his office with him.