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Peyton Hillis says Browns return will be 'good' despite drama

Despite barbed comments between Peyton Hillis and a few members of the Cleveland Browns, the new Kansas City Chief is still looking forward to a return to Cleveland on Sunday.

Gregory Shamus

Peyton Hillis did not end his career with the Cleveland Browns on the best of terms, to say the least. A contract dispute between the Browns and Hillis, along with several injuries that kept him out of action, eventually ended up with the running back leaving the team. Later, he signed a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, who will face off against the Browns on Sunday.

There has been some animosity and barbed comments exchanged between Hillis and a few Browns players, according to the Kansas City Star.

When asked about going back to Cleveland to play again during Thursday's press conference, Hillis said, "You know it’s going to be a good experience. I really enjoyed the fans there and the atmosphere there, I really like it and it’ll be good to go back."

Hillis has been disappointing for the Chiefs in 2012, putting up only 193 yards on 59 attempts.