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Chiefs focused on repeating last week's results

Several Kansas City Chiefs players mentioned their focus on getting two wins in a row.


The Kansas City Chiefs finally won their second game of the season on Sunday when they took down Carolina in the wake of Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide. Getting the second win was a good start for the Chiefs in their incredibly down season, and they'll have a chance to boost their record to 3-10 when they face the similarly struggling Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Going into that game, the team is focused on getting that second win in a row and stringing together the first legitimate winning streak of the season.

Here are some quotes from Kansas City's Thursday press conference regarding the team's attempt to repeat their feat from last weekend:

Javier Arenas
Q: How do you duplicate the efficiency and focus from last game and transfer it to this game?

ARENAS: "Just keep playing football. There isn’t any other way to put it. Don’t want to think too deep about it, you end up having stuff on your mind that you shouldn’t. I know my focus is to do exactly the same thing I did last week and use that momentum to build off of and continue to play good football and do what a lot of people don’t expect. That’s how I see it. If you’re straining and trying to focus on staying consistent, I think you get out of whack. That should be natural. Just keep doing your job, keep doing your job, keep concentrating, keep focusing on your job."

Tysyn Hartman

Q: Last week was a crazy kind of circumstance. Can you guys build off of what you were able to do though?

HARTMAN: "Yeah, we want to and we believe we can. But we’re just trying to build on that and look at it one game at a time, not really look at our last week and prepare for this game."

Justin Houston
Q: Do you think you can build off of last week?

HOUSTON: "We won last week, so hopefully we can build off it."