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Chiefs vs. Browns 2012: Game preview, kickoff time, TV schedule and more

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The Cleveland Browns will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in a battle between two bottom-feeders.


Two of the teams scraping the bottom of the barrel will meet on Sunday in Ohio as the Cleveland Browns host the Kansas City Chiefs.

Neither team has a chance at a playoff berth at this point, with Kansas City holding the worst record in the NFL -- or tied for it with Jacksonville, at least -- at 2-10 and Cleveland not doing all that much better with a 4-8 mark. Cleveland is the hotter of the two teams, with a two-game winning streak currently under way. Kansas City, on the other hand, just won its second game all season, an emotional victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Both teams have suffered from quarterback deficiencies this season, with Brandon Weeden playing like the rookie he is despite his age for Cleveland and the tandem of Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn inspiring very little confidence in KC.

Game Time: Sunday, Dec. 9, Noon CT

Location: Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

TV Schedule: CBS

Distribution Map: The 506