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Todd Haley Officially Interviews With Pittsburgh Steelers For Offensive Coordinator Position

At first it seemed like a wild hair. Now it’s apparently very serious. Todd Haley has officially interviewed for the offensive coordinator position with the Pittsburgh Steelers to replace Bruce Arians and if Haley lands there, it would certainly be an ideal spot for him to land. As for how well of a fit it is, that’s another question entirely. Either way, it’s an interesting subplot to follow if it comes to fruition and Haley gets hired.

The Rooney family is reportedly being heavy-handed with Mike Tomlin and his offense, wanting to return the team back to their run-heavy ways. While Haley’s offense led the league in rushing in 2010 and finished in the top half this season with Jamaal Charles out for the year, Haley’s definitely known for his work in the passing game and helping wide receivers in particular reach their potential. His work with Dwayne Bowe in particular has been his calling card in recent years.

That said, Haley has a keen offensive mind and a passionate work ethic. If Tomlin likes him, he could be a nice addition. Whether it makes the Rooney family happy is another thing entirely.