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San Diego Chargers Predicted To Win AFC West In 2012 NFL Season

A new column detailing predictions by Numberfire over at ESPN for the NFL's 2012 season has some interesting results for the AFC West, with the San Diego Chargers taking over first place in the division at 10-6 next year. While any such projections are ridiculous without even the beginning of the off-season in place, the Chargers are usually the favorites in terms of Super Bowl odds or even fan projections this time of year based on reputation and talent on paper alone. That said, the Chargers have been shut out the last two years to the Chiefs and Broncos respectively.

Nik Bonaddio and Keith Goldner from Numberfire write, "The Chargers owned the No. 6 opponent-adjusted offense in the league this year, even though Philip Rivers threw a career-high 20 interceptions. The San Diego defense, however, ranked No. 28 after adjusting for strength of opponents, allowing 40 points a league-average defense would have prevented if put in similar situations. All that said, the Chargers play in an extremely weak division and should be able to come out on top, barring the critical turnovers they committed this season."

The Broncos, meanwhile, are predicted to fall back to the bottom at 5-11. The Chiefs are predicted to go 7-9 and finish in second in the division.