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Willie Roaf Tells Hall Of Fame Candidates Still Waiting To 'Be Patient'

Willie Roaf is one of another handful of players recently voted for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio over the Super Bowl Weekend. It’s a time of celebration for many, like Roaf, who finally reach the place of prestige and honor after a long and celebrated career on the field. However for many it becomes another year of waiting and wondering when, if ever, they will gain entry.

Roaf said he feels bad for the guys who have been waiting because he himself only had to wait one year. That said, he believes they should be patient because they will appreciate it when it comes. That’s what he recently told ESPN 101 in St. Louis in a recent interview.

Roaf said, “I would say to be patient. I know the process, the years go by and you think about it like ‘are they ever going to put me in? Are they ever going to put me in?’ But I think that’s going to make, especially Cris Carter, Tim (Brown) and those guys, that’s going to make them appreciate it more. It makes it very special to me that I had to wait a year, but I really don’t understand what those guys are feeling because some of those guys have been waiting a long time. I know that’s going to be even that more special to them.”