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Todd Haley Is 'Genuinely Excited' To Join Pittsburgh Steelers Family As Offensive Coordinator

For a while, it seemed that Todd Haley might not find a home as a coach of any kind for the 2012 NFL season. Interviews with the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals resulted in zero offers for the former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Haley’s keen offensive mind seemed like it might have been overrun by his temperament. Yet one of the NFL’s great franchises extended him a hand to a familiar place where his father served as well: as offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As Haley was introduced, he spoke multiple times of his excitement and gratitude:
“I want to let everybody in this room know just how genuinely excited I am to be part of the Pittsburgh Steelers family,” said Haley. “I say family because that is what I know it as. All of my early memories in life somehow revolved around the Steelers. My earliest memory was watching the Immaculate Reception. Those things have stayed with me and are a big part of who and what I am.

“I am very grateful Coach (Mike) Tomlin and the Rooney family thought enough of me to have me here to help be a part of continued greatness. In my mind it’s the greatest organization in the NFL and the greatest team. That all comes from the heart. I am excited I am here now, working amongst the coaches and getting to know them and the players. I had to prepare for the Steelers last year. Now, it’s a little different. I am just trying to use up every second that I have to move forward and have some fun.”

Haley is known for his work with wide receivers, so guys like Emmanuel Sanders should be quite happy with his arrival.