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Chiefs Casey Wiegmann Reportedly Taking His Time To Make Retirement Decision

Casey Wiegmann has earned the right to do what he wants, and to take all of the time he needs to do it. But the Kansas City Chiefs might have to move on if they want to be able to know exactly what they are dealing with along the offensive line. Word from Bill Williamson of ESPN is that Wiegmann doesn’t know himself what he will do.

Williamson writes, “Wiegmann, 38, has considered retirement the past few seasons and he has always come back for one more season. It could happen again. The word is, though, Wiegmann may take his time on his decision. He is still playing at a high level and he has played more than 11,000 straight snaps.”

The Chiefs drafted Rodney Hudson out of Florida State in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft and he played in 16 games last season to one degree or another. He’s versatile enough to step in at guard, but most believe he’s the center of the future for the Chiefs. That said, they could possibly use an upgrade at guard as well, so Wiegmann could still have a home here.

However, any word of official retirement or return for Wiegmann might not come for some time. If the Chiefs are willing to wait, his experience and talent along the line would certainly be a help to the Chiefs, but the way they handled the Brian Waters episode last season might lead some to believe the team will just want to turn the page and go with youth.