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NFL Draft 2012: Mike Adams, Justin Blackmon Among Players Labeled Overrated

As the 2012 NFL Draft comes into view, some semblance of a draft order will finally be set in terms of mock positioning and many of those players, according to Josh Norris, will be very overrated. Among those names he’s willing to name this year include wide receiver Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State and Arizona State quarterback Brock Osewiler.

But one name he also mentions has been linked to the Kansas City Chiefs many times: Mike Adams. The big Ohio State lineman has been the Chiefs selection in the first round of many NFL Mock Drafts in recent weeks, and the team could definitely use help at offensive tackle. But Norris says buyer beware on that particular choice.

Norris writes, "Despite a massive frame and attractive athleticism, Adams had a maddeningly inconsistent Senior Bowl week that highlighted the same ups and downs he showed at Ohio State. Adams’ posture is high off the snap, and he allows far too many defenders’ quick inside moves to go untouched during his initial drop step.

“Even when Adams plants and anchors his lower body effectively, his upper half lacks power to redirect or finish blocks. His repeated offenses are worrisome, as is Adams’ medical history (shoulder surgery in ’08, knee surgery in ’09). I think his lack of quickness and reaction timing will limit him to right tackle, but Adams will probably be over-drafted to protect the blind side.”

Right tackle would be fine for the Chiefs since they already have the underrated and experience Branden Albert on the left side. Adams would still certainly shore up the right side if he’s selected. However, Norris might be right that there might be better candidates to warrant such a high selection.