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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Dontari Poe Goes No. 11 To The Kansas City Chiefs

Another day, another mock. So goes the NFL off-season where mock drafts looking forward to the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft are a dime a dozen, and yet we report on every one. No matter how many come out, it’s never old to try to guess what the Kansas City Chiefs, among others, might do to improve their team.

The Sporting News is the latest to release a 2012 mock
and Russ Lande has the Chiefs addressing a position of need with a player often found at the end of round one or even later. Dontari Poe of Memphis has an impressive size and might go high, but as players like Stephen Paea fell last year in the draft, that could happen as well.

Lande writes, “Though Kansas City’s defense played well in 2011, it got by with Kelly Gregg, 35, as nose tackle. Poe is explosive and huge (estimated to be more than 350 pounds), with the combination of strength and athleticism that is difficult to find.”

The Chiefs could certainly use Poe in the middle as it’s uncertain whether 35 year old Kelly Gregg will be back in the middle. Other than that, the Chiefs only have Jerrelle Powe, last year’s sixth rounder, and Anthony Toribio in the defensive interior. They could definitely use the upgrade.