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Peyton Manning To Chiefs Called 'Longshot' Compared To Favorites Like Dolphins, Redskins

The Kansas City Chiefs are being called the “longshot” of all possible destinations for Peyton Manning if or when he’s released from the Indianapolis Colts. That’s likely true considering the team already has Matt Cassel in a possible starting candidate and seemed impressed enough with Kyle Orton near season’s end to ask him back as well. Then again, nothing would top a healthy Manning under center in Arrowhead.

Yet Clifton Brown of the Sporting News says that the Dolphins should be considered the favorites for Manning’s services and the Cardinals are up there as well. The Jets and Redskins come after that, making the Chiefs No. 5 on his list of potential suitors.

Brown writes, “It’s a long shot, but not impossible. The Chiefs are only a year removed from winning the AFC West, and they have talented young players. General manager Scott Pioli built a championship roster with the Patriots, and coach Romeo Crennel has the even-keeled demeanor that Manning is accustomed to in a head coach. New offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said he wants to install an up-tempo, attack offense. Manning can certainly handle that. Manning would likely prefer a warm weather city. But if he is healthy, Manning will play. If other locations don’t work out, maybe a team like the Chiefs could sneak in the back door.”

That warm weather has been mentioned in several places, so Manning perhaps put out word to sportswriters everywhere that being near retirement means that he’s ready to head to Florida. It seems odd that everyone is harping on weather of all things to determine where Manning goes. The veteran quarterback has been around enough to know that the talent around him and coaching schemes should be the greatest consideration. Under those circumstances, KC might have a better chance.