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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Trent Richardson Selected By Kansas City Chiefs In Multiple Drafts

The Kansas City Chiefs have a bit of an uncertainty ahead of them no matter how well the rehabilitation of Jamaal Charles is going. After suffering an ACL injury in week two against the Detroit Lions, Charles was placed on Injured Reserve and was lost for the 2011 season. Now Charles says that his knee is doing great, but that’s impossible to fully know until game conditions how he will perform. And that creates enough questions at the position for some mock drafters to have the Kansas City Chiefs take Trent Richardson in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Even if Charles comes back okay, Richardson would provide a perfect counterpoint that would make the Chiefs running attack the best in the NFL. Charles is dynamic enough as it is, but when paired with an aging Thomas Jones, the two were enough to lead the league in rushing. Jones is likely gone in 2012 and the same could be said for Jackie Battle. With Dexter McCluster also in tow and the possibility of resigning Le’Ron McClain, the other positions could be set if the Chiefs draft Richardson.

Charlie Campbell writes that Richardson is the best value here. He writes, “The Chiefs have more dire needs, but the best player available is Richardson. Thomas Jones is at the end of his career, and Jamaal Charles is coming off a serious injury. Running backs slide in the draft, but Richardson is a special talent and is tough to pass on.”

Walter Football compares him to Adrian Peterson and writes, “Jamaal Charles will be back next year, but the Chiefs have never been convinced that he can carry the load. That’s even a more unreasonable expectation in 2012 given that he’s coming off a torn ACL. Trent Richardson is by far the top player available. He would give Kansas City the top one-two punch at running back in the NFL.”

Some will view it as a luxury pick and rightfully so, but Richardson also keeps the Chiefs set at running back for years to come no matter what injuries occur. If anything, a team desperate for Richardson might be in position to also trade up to the spot, since he is the best value there.