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Randy Moss Would Make Poor Fit On Kansas City Chiefs

Randy Moss likely still has enough talent to make an impact on an NFL roster. Terrell Owens would likely say the same. Even though Scott Pioli has a history with taking a chance on Randy Moss during his tenure with the New England Patriots, the newly unretired Moss is likely not going to come back to Pioli's roster any time soon.

Moss has made himself available this off-season as yet another target to be considered among a growing number that could also include the Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe and the Saints' Marques Colston. Even if the Chiefs lose Bowe, they have already signed Steve Breaston last season to a long-term contract and drafted Jon Baldwin in the same year. While the team would definitely miss Bowe and would add someone to the mix, it's hard to imagine that Moss could enter the picture.

ESPN's Bill Williamson agrees and says influence also plays a part. He writes, "Moss has a connection with Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli and quarterback Matt Cassel. Still, Pioli has passed on reuniting with Moss in the past. Maybe if Dwayne Bowe leaves Pioli would change his mind. Moss had a reputation for being a poor influence on young receivers. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea putting him with Jonathan Baldwin."

Perhaps a good guess could be back to New England if the team shuffles its roster enough. Maybe even a San Francisco sighting would not be surprising. After all, they took a flyer on Braylon Edwards and the team can clearly use some receiving help after being shut down in the playoffs.