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Kelly Gregg Considering Retirement From Kansas City Chiefs?

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Kelly Gregg was honored back at his hometown Edmond North high school on Tuesday. The No. 71 jersey that Gregg wore in his high school days has officially been retired by his high school, and it looks like Gregg could be retiring from the game he loves for good.

Jason Kersey of The Daily Oklahoman points out that although Gregg hasn't made if official, the 12-year NFL veteran plans to hang the pro jersey up. 2011 was the first season with the Chiefs after spending the previous eleven with the Baltimore Ravens. Gregg was a rookie when the 2000 Ravens won a Super Bowl versus the New York Giants.

The Chiefs had already been linked to potentially taking a defensive tackle in the draft, but the level of urgency only increases with this potential decision from Gregg.

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