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NFL Draft 2012: Kansas State's Bryce Brown Could Be 'Late Round Steal'

Every NFL team hopes that its late round choices made up of players most football fans will have never heard of will turn out to be the next great find in the 2012 NFL Draft. They'll take fliers on players with various issues -- injury histories, character concerns, lack of playing time, a poor work ethic -- all in the hope of turning that player around. Bryce Brown is one such player who might raise red flags for teams but whose talent could shine through at the next level.

The Kansas State running back recently received some attention from Steve Muench, even though he's played sparingly over the last couple of seasons. Character concerns and bouts of depression will make most teams cautious, but it's hard to ignore his natural on-field ability. Muench says he could make a great boom or bust prospect:

Brown has carried the ball just three times since 2009 and could very well go undrafted. The way he left Tennessee in the spring of 2010 also raises concerns about his character. However, don't be surprised to see a team take a chance on this boom-or-bust prospect late on Day 3.

Brown showed NFL-quality vision, burst and power during his true freshman season in 2009. If he can regain that form he could prove to be a steal, and Baltimore is one possible landing spot. It would be a stunner if Ravens RB Ray Rice is allowed to leave via free agency, but the Ravens still need to add depth. They have the leadership in the locker room to get the most out of Brown, and his hard-nosed running style fits Baltimore's physical style of play.

Brown ran only three times last season for 16 yards.