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Peyton Manning Substituting For Matt Cassel Would Be Smart Move For Chiefs

The exact time is unknown, but it’s only a matter of “when” rather than “if” for Peyton Manning’s release from the Colts. While owner Jim Irsay will say the right things to avoid any negative PR and some sentiments might be sincere, the reality is that the Colts restart places Manning in an awkward position and the right thing to do on all counts is to move on. For Manning, that question becomes “Where to move?”

The Kansas City Chiefs are usually among the teams considered when sportswriters try to figure out his next home, although the Dolphins and Redskins are usually the favorites. Those teams are definitely included in Cian Fahey’s latest column over at The Guardian, but he also says that the Chiefs would do well to grab Manning if they can.

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“Despite finishing 7-9 last year, the Chiefs’ roster is one of the more talented groups throughout the whole league. A slew of injuries to key players held them back in 2011 but those should all return in 2012. With a healthy Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki, Manning would have two of the brightest young stars in the NFL to work with. Both players suit his style of play as Moeaki is similar to Dallas Clark and Charles is a threat as a receiver. The Chiefs have a huge amount of cap space so Dwayne Bowe should almost certainly return while Steve Breaston could be brought back to his level of production which he last had playing with Kurt Warner.

“With a strong offensive line and plenty of ammunition to improve in the off-season, the Chiefs have plenty of reasons to bring in Manning. They also have the perfect head coach to complement Manning as Romeo Crennel has one of the best defensive minds in the NFL.”

Fahey’s thoughts are good on the Chiefs’ level of talent on the roster with impact players on both sides of the ball. However, the Chiefs lack a solid offensive line like he said, unless Fahey is broadcasting from a future where the Chiefs draft Cordy Glenn and Riley Reiff. Still, the Chiefs remain among those teams potentially interested and waiting.