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NFL Free Agency: Dwayne Bowe Linked To Chicago Bears As Possible Landing Spot

The Kansas City Chiefs have some major choices to make this offseason, but none are more important than what the team should do with their own free agents: Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr. Romeo Crennel has already declared the two the team’s top priority in the offseason, but other teams will bring their dollars and sales pitches to the table and it might make it difficult for the Chiefs to keep both. In fact, the Chicago Bears might make life hard on the Chiefs when it comes to their prized wideout.

Jay Cutler definitely needs some new targets in Chicago if the passing game is going to continue to develop and be able to rival division foes like Matt Stafford’s high flying Lions attack or Aaron Rodgers and his incredible wide receiver corps in Green Bay. Dwayne Bowe would go a long way toward changing the team’s passing attack, and that’s why Pete Prisco links the player and the team.

“The Bears have to get some help on the outside for Cutler. Their receivers just can’t get it done on a consistent basis. Bowe would help change that.”

It should also be noted that former Chiefs scouting director Phil Emery is now the general manager in Chicago, so he’s very familiar with what Bowe can bring as well as Chargers wideout Vincent Jackson. Expect the Bears to pull for someone and the Chiefs to have to be on the defense unless they can strike before free agency begins.