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Chiefs Newest Signee Kyle McCarthy Impressed By Romeo Crennel, Chiefs Coaches

The newest signee to the Kansas City Chiefs roster, Kyle McCarthy, will likely elicit a quizzical look if you try to talk to other Chiefs fans about him. After all, the former Broncos safety signed only days ago and he entered the league as an undrafted free agent after a career as a special teams ace and defensive back at Notre Dame. But if you ask McCarthy, he's quite ready to get into camp and make an impression.

"It was a crazy year," said McCarthy. "A lot of ups and downs. It was obviously nice to get into the playoffs with the Broncos and win the AFC West. But my time there for now is finished and I’m just looking forward to the new opportunity in Kansas City. I learned a lot over the past two years in Denver and it’s something I can take with me to another place and help me grow as a player."

McCarthy was not the most high profile signing, but then again as Chiefs fans saw last year, depth is key. In the secondary, guys like Travis Daniels, Jon McGraw and even Sabby Piscitelli saw plenty of action last season and the potential loss of Brandon Carr to free agency only makes the secondary more of a place to focus upon.

McCarthy says he's liked what little he has seen out of Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs' new head coach.

"His track record speaks for itself; he’s been one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL for a long time," McCarthy said of Crennel. "I’ve only met him one time but he made a good impression on me. He told me the best guys are going to play, the ones who can contribute to the success of the team."

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