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NFL Draft 2012: Carolina Panthers' Focus On Tackle Could Hurt Chiefs' Chances To Grab Reiff Or Martin

There are too many offensive tackle prospects available with strong enough grades to keep the Kansas City Chiefs from finding at least someone who could man the right side from day one of the 2012 season in the upcoming NFL Draft. That said, there are definitely better prospects than others and it’s the teams ahead of the Chiefs that make things difficult to project.

The Carolina Panthers are rumored to be looking at offensive tackles instead of defensive help from their position in the top 10 of the draft. That means that players like Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin will be considered before the Chiefs can get them.

Charlie Campbell writes, “Left tackle Jordan Gross turns 32 this year, and Carolina has to start thinking of his long-term replacement. Jeff Otah has had a two-year knee injury and his long-term future is in question. The Panthers are optimistic that they won’t be picking in the top half of the draft over the next few years, and they know that landing a franchise left tackle is very difficult to do in the later half of the first round. As a result, Carolina will consider Iowa tackle Riley Reiff and Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin.”

Those are the two primary players the Chiefs are likely looking at since Matt Kalil will be long gone. Even if both are gone by the No. 11 or 12 selection (coin flip pending), Mike Adams is still there, although his project status will likely make him the third option. While the Chiefs will eventually get their man, here’s hoping they have several choices in front of them.