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Al Saunders Meets With Romeo Crennel For Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Job

An old face might be back in a familiar spot in Kansas City with the Chiefs as their offensive coordinator the second time around. Bob Gretz has the story on a name we've mentioned before, and says that Al Saunders could be the man in Kansas City as the team searches for Bill Muir's replacement.

Saunders is known for his prolific yet complicated offensive schemes, but he's worked wonders in the past at Arrowhead. Apparently that history and knowledge is enough to get him an interview with current head coach Romeo Crennel. Bob Gretz has the story:

"And, visiting the Chiefs yesterday to talk about the offensive coordinator’s job was Al Saunders, former offensive coordinator under Dick Vermeil and long-time assistant coach with the franchise. Last season, Saunders was with Oakland as the Raiders offensive coordinator. "

"Al is there today talking with Romeo," Vermeil said Wednesday in Indianapolis as he was making the rounds of radio row. "He wants to see if there’s any chance to go back to Oakland, but if not he’d love the Chiefs job."

If he does come back, perhaps a name to keep an eye out for would be Jason Campbell. The Raiders starter at the beginning of last year was having a nice year as the Raiders quarterback and he could add an intriguing option for competition for Matt Cassel (assuming the Chiefs don't surrender the farm for Robert Griffin III or make a play for Peyton Manning). Saunders runs a complex offense, but it works well with a quarterback who knows it.

Either way, fans will likely be very glad if Saunders is the man at this point.