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Bill Muir Does About Face, Decides To Retire After All From Kansas City Chiefs

Several days ago, the rumors were swirling from Jason La Canfora, among others, that Bill Muir was retiring from the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coaching staff and that the team would automatically, then, be forced to find someone else for the role. Muir quickly shot those down with a "no one asked me about this" sort of response that made such notions sound ridiculous. One week later, those rumors were apparently true -- although Muir insists that his now-official retirement was not true even seven days ago. Bob Gretz got the story:

"I have had a change of heart on what I told you last week," said Muir on Wednesday in a phone call he initiated. "I am retiring from the Chiefs. My intentions when I spoke last week were conflicted to a degree and I did not want to speak to that at the time. But at the time we spoke at the Senior Bowl, my intentions were to continue to coach. For personal reasons, I’ve changed my mind."

The Chiefs must now move forward with a new offensive coach -- one that could be a simple promotion for a Maurice Carthon or Jim Zorn or an outsider coming in like Al Saunders.