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Will Shields Could Find NFL Hall Of Fame Dream Come True On Saturday

From 1993 to 2006, Will Shields stood along the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line as one of the greatest to play in NFL history. The league will get their chance to make that an official statement this weekend as the 12-time Pro Bowler will be listed for the first time on the NFL Hall of Fame ballot.


This Saturday is the official voting for Canton enshrinement and Shields is up along with 16 others, including his teammate Willie Roaf. Both players were among the best at their respective positions and they both deserve in. But Roaf will need a boost, while Shields might have enough good will to make it in the first time.


"It’s nothing to be nonchalant about; it’s huge," said the former Kansas City Chiefs guard. "It would be a great ending to a great career. It is really a big deal, but you don’t want to dwell on it and over think about it."


Bill Williamson writes, "As strong as his résumé was on the field, it was as extraordinary off the field. Shields was known as one of the most charitable players in the NFL in his era and he was won the prestigious NFL Man of the Year award in 2003."

"Looking back, I think I’m most proud of everything as a combination," Shields said of his proudest NFL moment. "The Pro Bowls, the streak, the Man of the Year. All of it was special to me."