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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Defensive Tackle Hebron Fangupo Linked To Chiefs In Third Round

It's a refreshing sight to see an unfamiliar name linked to the Kansas City Chiefs in a mock draft here and there. After all, it can be tiring reading about Riley Reiff for the twenty-third time. That said, Hebron Fangupo is a completely new name for most and yet the defensive tackle is linked to the Chiefs in the third round in Drafttek's recent six-round mock of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post says he's not a pass rusher at all, but instead is intended to eat up space -- lots of it. He writes:

A former JUCO kid who transferred from USC to BYU following the 2010 season. Is a raw kid who finally has learned to sit into his stance, play with his base down and fire off the football. However, despite his shorter frame still gets upright off the ball and will struggle with leverage at times in the run game. Plays in a 34 front at BYU where he is the five-technique and asked to two gap.

Is a naturally powerful kid and even when he gets upright is still a bear to move off the football. Exhibits a little suddenness at times when asked to use his hands to shed blocks when run at. But his high pad level makes it tough for him to maintain balance and breakdown on blocks off his frame. However, possesses the natural strength to anchor inside, just needs to learn to play a bit lower off the snap and keep his pad level down into contact.

He concludes that Fangupo is "a naturally strong kid with a great attitude and work rate. Needs to improve pad level, but has the kind of natural power and work ethic to make it with some time."

The Chiefs definitely need a project like that along the line to pair with Anthony Toribio and Jerrelle Powe along with a likely free agency pick-up. The Chiefs need a complete reinvention at the position so grabbing another developmental tackle makes complete sense.