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Peyton Manning Rumors: Jim Irsay's Decision Not Likely To Come Until After NFL Combine

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Several teams are already waiting on word of whether Peyton Manning will be available. Those teams are now likely to wait a bit longer — until after this week’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The league’s iconic veteran quarterback is likely to be released at some point by the Colts, but team owner Jim Irsay is still wanting to discuss the situation at length with Manning and local beat writer Bob Kravitz says it will take a bit.

Kravitz writes, “So what happens next? Probably nothing until after the NFL Scouting Combine — which is too bad for Luck, who will have to answer some uncomfortable questions.”

That could be frustrating for teams wanting to know exactly what will be available this off-season and when. The Cardinals could upgrade from Kevin Kolb. The Dolphins and Redskins are rumored to be very interested and have been listed among the frontrunners since day one. The Seahawks could also be in on Manning, as could the Chiefs who have wanted to bring in competition for Cassel.

Each of these teams has a vested interest in acquiring Manning and a case to state to the possible free agent. Manning will have all of the leverage, despite his health concerns, given the talent and intelligence he brings to the position. But it might be a while before any of those teams even find out if he’s available.