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NFL Draft 2012: Dwayne Allen Would Fix Tight End Position For Kansas City Chifes

There's no way the Kansas City Chiefs are going to grab a first round tight end unless they are able to trade back from their spot at No. 11 or 12 overall (pending coin flip on Friday). However as important as that spot is for the Chiefs and their hopes for tight end Tony Moeaki, the team might want to look into such a move if it nets them a top notch option like Clemson's Dwayne Allen and some other draft choices.

Charlie Campbell says that Allen is the best overall tight end and that he would fit a number of teams, the Chiefs included. The team definitely missed Moeaki, who was out all last season, as their offense stalled without Jamaal Charles and Moeaki as options for Matt Cassel. Campbell writes:

There are a plethora of teams that could be fits for Allen. With the effectiveness of double tight end sets, teams that already have a good tight end could consider Allen. Bills' tight end Scott Chandler is entering free agency, and Buffalo could use a receiving tight end even if it re-signs Chandler. The Chiefs had hopes for Tony Moeaki, but he's had a hard time staying healthy. Allen could fix the position for Kansas City. The Chargers are going to have to find a long-term replacement for Antonio Gates, and Allen would be a great heir apparent with the way he could fit San Diego's offense.

Ultimately, Campbell says Allen reminds him of Jermaine Gresham and says he can be an all-around playmaker for the team that gets him. He's unlikely to fall as deep in the second round as the Chiefs would need him to, but they can maneuver just as they did this year after trading down from the No. 21 spot to later in the first at No. 27 to grab Jon Baldwin.